Cabachon Making 


Instructors available to help you learn.


1. Using a saw at the shop, cut your rock into a slab.

2.  Use a template to draw an outline of the cabachon.

3. Use a trim saw to rough the shape.

3. Grind the sides of the stone 15 degrees around the edge.   

4.  Grind a small chamfer at an angle of 45 degrees.

5.  Grind the bottom of the stone so it is flat.

6.  Divide the top of the stone into thirds and mark around the central third.  Put a dot in the center.

7.  Use a pencil to draw a circle around the edge of the cab identify the height of the cabs table. 

8. Heat the cab and place it on a stick using dop wax.

9. Use diamond wheel to rough the dome. Grind the material between the table line and the top dome line at about 15 degree bevel. 

10.  Grind the stone in a curve using different directions to finish the dome of the cab. 

11. Move from 220, 320, 400, and 600 grit grinders.

12. Polish the cab on leather wheel using cerium oxide, tin oxide, or Linde A polish compound.



 Instructors available to help you learn.

Steps to solder:

1.  Measure to size.

2.  Clean silversheet and wire in pickle at the club.

3.  Flux the silver.

4.  Place solder in place.

5.  Heat with acetlyne torch until solder flows.

6.  Clean piece in pickle at the club.


Steps to make a pendant:

1.  Bend bezel wire around stone and cut to size.

2.  Place bezel on silversheet and place solder around the
     inside bezel at 8 evenly spaced places.

3.  Heat with torch until solder flows.

4.  Bend decorative bezel wire around piece.

5.  Place bezel around outside of piece and place solder
     around the outside bezel at 8 evenly spaced places.

6.  Heat with torch until solder flows.

7.  Measure and cut bail wire.

8.  Place on the back so it hangs off the front and place two
     pieces of solder on each side.

9.  Heat with torch until solder flows.



 Instructors available to help you learn.

Caution:  Wear a mask. 


1.  Sketch or visualize piece.

2.  Use various diamond wheels with a flexshaft to
     carve stone.